Nothing like creating a blog and then going away for a week on a cruise, but that’s what I did.  This week, in the midst of trying to get back to life on land, I celebrated my birthday. My thirty-eighth birthday was Monday. This birthday and the number 38 have me reeling a little bit.  me and a shark

I’m not hunkered down under the covers, unable to face reality kind of reeling, but I had made great peace with year 37. I rocked 37, I owned 37 and I find myself struggling to embrace 38. Perhaps because it is a little too close to 40 for my own comfort. Maybe it’s because with my recent graduation, 38 snuck up on me and it is just too new.

Whatever the reason, I have been questioning myself this week. Is this really the kind of life I wanted? What would I do differently? Am I really approaching middle age? My life is flying by me and I’m not sure I’ve accomplished what I wanted to accomplish…I’m sure I’m  not the only one who finds these questions pushing them towards a mild panic attack.

It is however the very fact that I ask these questions about my life over the years that has led to pursue an intentional life. Whether it is in my ministry, my leadership, my schooling and training, or my relationships, there is very little I do without intentionality. I want to live my life on purpose. Somewhere in the middle of my own coaching and coaches training, I decided I wanted an intentional life. A life that is about saying yes to some things and no to others.  A life that is about analyzing what is working for me and what is not.

Living an intentional life is about fully living into who God created you to be.  Living an intentional life is about leading a ministry into all that God intends it to be. My hope is that this blog helps us to be intentional participants in this life and in our leadership.

A New Beginning

Really, Charity….a new blog?  Aren’t there enough of these out there already? Haven’t you tried to write regularly and failed miserably at it on other blogs?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. I guess now that I’m finished writing for my doctoral work, I just needed somewhere else to write. Or, perhaps, being a little more reflective, I’m really at a place in ministry where I have space to learn, observe, and reflect. I’m at a place personally where I can do the same.

My hope here is simple…to share what I’m learning. I want to be faithful to my own voice, my own experience, my own knowledge and even my own questions.

I’ll move over some of my articles from other blogs and the hope is that here I will be able to create categories for all of types of intentional living. This will even include some that are specific to my work at the Virginia Baptist Mission Board.

I feel really blessed these days. So, as I’m stepping into new beginnings in my life, in my ministry, I am stepping into new writing.

More to come soon……